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"Downtown’s Fremont Street holds strong as the locals’ favorite under-the-radar bar scene. It’s easy to miss the Downtown Cocktail Room (look for the tiny downtown sign), set in a renovated wedding chapel, now a sexy, dark room with selectively lit nooks."

Food & Wine Cocktails '09

"Top 100 bars in the country"

Johnny Jet
"If I were a Las Vegas denizen, I'd be a regular here."

Spin Magazine
"Start off at the speakeasy-like Downtown Cocktail Room, one of the few swank Vegas joints where sitting down doesn’t involve mandatory bottle service."

New York Post
"We're happy to report that a slew of alternative spots are redefining Vegas nightlife. Smaller, more low-key and more suited for grownups who aren't waiting for a "Girls Gone Wild" shoot to break out."

Los Angeles Times
"We walked down Fremont to the Downtown Cocktail Room, a dark, chic bar that specializes in classic cocktails. We sipped Negronis and Cosmos as ambient house music drifted."
Vegas Magazine
"Downtown Cocktail Room…is perhaps the only place where you are likely to find the mayor, a Manilow back-up dancer, and a UNLV professor rubbing elbows at happy hour."

Imbibe Magazine
"Opened in 2007 by owner Michael Cornthwaite, the Downtown Cocktail Room is Las Vegas’s best shot at world-class mixology.” “the bar attracts primarily a local clientele, and the atmosphere is sedate and hip, a vivid contrast to the aggressively up-tempo atmosphere found in many Vegas clubs.."

Maxim Magazine
"A stroll through seedy downtown Vegas uncovers….a budding local bar scene. Welcome to the freshly coined Fremont East district, a patch of almost-safe streets next to the neon-canopied, casino-laden blocks that have long been downtown’s hub… Want to meet local lovelies who can be impressed by a drink purchase other than Cristal?… Downtown Cocktail Room, a pulsing, dimly lit hipster lounge."

"In a T-shirt and jeans, I'm the most underdressed person in the room."

– LV Weekly

"It would be a shame to let this perfect ambiance be threatened by guys in loud Hawaiian shirts and, God forbid, flip-flops."
– LV Weekly

"It's uncanny—as though this lounge is some sort of subliminal mecca for cool socialites."
– LV Weekly

"The bar -- two years in the making -- is the downtown equivalent of an ultralounge, or maybe what an "ultralounge" should really be "
– Bleeding Neon

"Scary downtown Las Vegas is being transformed into a place unlike any other in the history of Southern Nevada. It is becoming a true urban center for people who work and live in this community. It will be planned, yet organic in a Downtown Cocktail Room way"
– LV Sun

"The DCR is quiet, save for the ambient DJ-driven music that rarely disappoints. It avoids all gambling and serves the drinks just as you want them, strong and often."
– 944

"Inside the Downtown Cocktail Room, you'll be shielded from the blazing neon outside. In this sophisticated and swanky gathering place there's a low, inviting glow. It's filled with stylish modern design and interesting art — and a clientele to match."

Top 100 Bars in the Country
– Food & Wine

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Best Cocktail Menu
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Best Non-Hotel Bar
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Best Alternative to a Nightclub
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Top Five Best Music Venues
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Best Bartender
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Cocktail Bar of the Year 2009
- KNPR’s Desert Companion

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